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Professional activities

Current position:
Member of academic staff in the Applied Mathematics Group of the School of Mathematics, University of Birmingham, UK.

Main research interests:
Theoretical particle and nuclear physics; neural network models; optimisation problems.

More information:
University home page
Academia.edu page

Personal data

There's nothing very unusual about me, but if you really need to know everything (well, many things), then you may read my Geek code block.

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Some personal observations about recent events and current issues in the news.

Human rights

Cutting through the propaganda

Some sources of news that you may not see in most of the Western mainstream press:


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n. Preferred address:
m.queen@ bham.ac.uk

     Please do not send e-mail in HTML form, which is generally considered poor
     netiquette and which will be deleted automatically from my mailbox.

     PGP-encrypted mail is welcome. Use my PGP public key.
For information about PGP, or a copy of the program itself, see my Introduction to PGP.


     Dr. N.M. Queen
     School of Mathematics
     The University of Birmingham
     Birmingham B15 2TT

     Voice: +44 121 414 6590 (direct line to office)
     Fax:   +44 121 414 3389 (in department)

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