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19 May 2017: The release of the heroic whistleblower Chelsea Manning, thanks to the decency of President Obama in his last days in office, is welcome news. Chelsea performed a great public service by exposing widespread torture of Iraqi prisoners, overseen by the US occupiers; cold-blooded shooting of civilians by a US helicopter crew, while laughing and joking as if their murderous spree was some kind of game; and countless other facts that the US tried to cover up. Chelsea paid a high price for this by her years of incarceration in inhuman conditions, while the perpetrators of unspeakable evil acts by the US military that she exposed have never been brought to justice. It is worth remembering that there are still many political prisoners in the US. They must not be forgotten.

1 May 2017: On the occasion of International Workers' Day, this website extends cordial May Day greetings to all readers, and especially to all those who are active in the struggle against the oppressive capitalist system. Now more than ever, it is vital to challenge the ruling-class offensive against public services, living standards, civil liberties, and "austerity" in all its forms. The working class will be victorious, however long it takes!

7 April 2017: The dastardly US missile attack against Syria, killing many innocent civilians including children, is a flagrant violation of the UN Charter and of established international law, and it plays directly into the hands of the terrorists that Syria is trying to eliminate from its territory, not to mention potential terrorists elsewhere. Unprovoked attacks against a sovereign nation can never be justified, whatever the pretext. Donald Trump was already widely known as an unhinged and bigoted demagogue, but now he has joined the ranks of the infamous war criminals Bush and Blair. Clearly lacking the brains to understand the disastrous consequences of previous US military adventures, he is an equally dangerous person.

15 March 2017: It is good to see the many popular events taking place around the world for the 13th Annual Israel Apartheid Week. This is helping to raise awareness of the Israeli regime's apartheid system that systematically abuses Palestinian human rights, and people will continue to build the worldwide Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement. The liberation struggle of the Palestinian people can count on active support from all progressive people.

25 January 2017: Depressing news: Recently published data in the scientific literature has confirmed beyond doubt that 2016 was the warmest year since records began. We already know from other research that the average temperature of the planet has not been so high for about 115,000 years. The average global temperature is now 1.1C above the preindustrial level - already halfway to disaster - 2C is the globally agreed limit to keep the world safe from catastrophe. There is also evidence that the present level of CO2 in the atmosphere has not been so high for 4 million years. How can anyone still be a climate-change denier?

20 January 2017: A sad day for America, which now has one of the most odious presidents in its history, who denies climate change, wants to eliminate affordable healthcare, proposes billionaires to take charge of government agencies and plans massive corporate tax givaways - nothing to help the people he claims to represent.

In contrast, President Obama, despite his many faults, deserves praise for some of his final acts while still in office, such as releasing $500 million to the Green Climate Fund and commuting the unjust sentences of the political prisoner Chelsea Manning and many others.

27 November 2016: All progressive people are mourning the sad death of Fidel Castro, one of the world's most memorable leaders of his time. He will be eternally revered for securing Cuba's independence from American imperialism and for serving as a shining example for oppressed people everywhere. After the corrupt and brutal Batista regime was overthrown, Cuba under Fidel's leadership completely eliminated illiteracy and developed one of the world's best healthcare systems, in which, for example, infant mortality is now the lowest in Latin America and better than in the US.

11 November 2016: The world faces a bleak few years with Trump as the next US president. His recent vile behaviour has exposed him as an ignorant and bigoted bully, racist, misogynist, xenophobe and liar. His presidency is likely to be disastrous for the American people. Even worse, his policies as a climate-change denier could ruin the Paris agreement reached by the rest of the world and plunge the entire world beyond the approaching tipping point into untold climate chaos.

Unfortunately, the American people had no choice at all in that election. Clinton would not have been any better - a war criminal who supported all the American unprovoked acts of aggression against sovereign nations during her political career, leading to untold death, destruction and misery, not to mention the fact that she was basically a puppet of US corporate interests above the interests of the people. A very sad chapter in American history.

In any case, the US presidential election was illegitimate and makes a mockery of democracy - Trump actually received fewer votes than his main opponent Clinton. No other country in the world has such an absurd system that would declare the candidate with the most votes the loser!

1 July 2016: The recent vote of the British people to leave the EU is a resounding victory for the working class; indeed, it is a victory for all the workers and peoples of Europe. The result of the referendum resonates for all the workers who reject the diktats of the undemocratic and unpopular EU and the austerity imposed on them by the ruling class. Despite a deliberately confusing campaign, an impressive majority of the working class voted to leave the EU. It is already clear that despite the torrent of scare stories from the government, the Apocalypse hasn't happened, the emergency budget threatened by the Chancellor was quickly forgotten, and the sky hasn't fallen in. It is through the continuation of the class struggle of the workers, with the united front of their organisations, that the institutions of the EU will eventually be liquidated.

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