Examples of !Stego output

Here are two sprites produced by !Stego (actually, given here as GIFs):

sprite1 Sprite 1

sprite2 Sprite 2

Sprite 1 hides a plain text message containing important information about personal privacy. You can use !Stego to recover the message.

Sprite 2 hides a PGP-encrypted message containing some tips for protecting personal privacy on RISC OS computers. You can use !Stego to recover the PGP message, but you must then use PGP to decrypt the message. The message is encrypted with PGP's conventional encryption. To decrypt it, use the passphrase "Protect your privacy!" (which you must type exactly in that form, without the quotes). If you do not already use PGP, why not start now?

Important advice. Please make sure that the GIFs downloaded from this page are converted to sprites by means of !ChangeFSI. The sprites produced by most other image viewers will not be processed properly by !Stego.

And finally... Before using !Stego to reveal each hidden message, don't forget to change the name of the sprite, as described in the instructions. (When you try a new application, you RTFM, don't you?)

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