Some random 'trigger phrases' generated by !Spook:
preparing to send Colombian cocaine
next delivery of nuclear weapons
communications with guerrilla forces
payment for AK-47 rifles
supplies of Kalashnikovs
concealment of anti-aircraft guns
passwords for CIA headquarters
activists ready for Islamic jihad
surveillance of government personnel
names and addresses of GCHQ staff
Some random 'greetings' generated by !Spook:
I hope you enjoyed reading this message, spooks.
Shame on you for snooping on your fellow citizens!
Bye for now, spooks. We'll give you more soon.
GCHQ/NSA scum: We know all about your dirty work.
Scumbags: Violating our privacy again?
Thank you for your help in defeating the spooks by downloading this page!

The "trigger phrases" on this page will be changed periodically to make it more effective.

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