Some random 'trigger phrases' generated by !Spook:
preparing to send AK-47 rifles
courier from guerrilla forces
military supplies for bin Laden brigade
top-secret documents from RAF bases
kidnapping of naval officers
capture of secret agents
supplies of anti-tank guns
top-secret Pentagon security manual
concealment of land mines
timetable for assassination
Some random 'greetings' generated by !Spook:
GCHQ, NSA: We'll keep your spying computers busy!
Hello, who's eavesdropping on us today?
Hello NSA - we know you're listening.
GCHQ: Are you enjoying your snooping today?
How many people's privacy have you violated today?
Thank you for your help in defeating the spooks by downloading this page!

The "trigger phrases" on this page will be changed periodically to make it more effective.

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