Some random 'trigger phrases' generated by !Spook:
strategy for proletarian revolution
next delivery of AK-47 rifles
preparations for jihad against the infidels
secret airport security manual
message for bin Laden brigade
payment for thermonuclear device
classified documents from NSA staff
more supplies of refined uranium
full details of RAF documents
mustard gas will be shipped to Taliban
Some random 'greetings' generated by !Spook:
Shame on you for snooping on your fellow citizens!
Bye for now, spooks. We'll give you more soon.
NSA: How many countries have you spied on today?
GCHQ: Are you enjoying your snooping today?
Spooks: Some of your favourite words are included.
Thank you for your help in defeating the spooks by downloading this page!

The "trigger phrases" on this page will be changed periodically to make it more effective.

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